Marine Evacuation Systems

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) is a dynamic company formed specifically for the design and manufacture of high quality Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and large capacity liferafts.

LSA has developed a product that is synonymous with quality and reliability, which is of paramount importance in the marine safety industry.

LSA products are industry renowned and are installed on all types and sizes of passenger & personnel carrying vessels, including conventional ferries, high-speed craft, cruise ships, military vessels and large private yachts worldwide.


Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) is a dynamic, privately owned company formed specifically for the design and manufacture of high quality Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and large capacity liferafts. 

In 1992 Liferaft Systems Australia pioneered a simple inclined slide based dry shod Marine Evacuation System designed to deliver passengers and crew, fast yet safe, directly into large capacity liferafts.

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Marine evacuation systems (MES)

Liferaft Systems Australia Pty Ltd (LSA) was established in Hobart, Tasmania in 1992. At this time LSA identified the need for a new revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and liferafts. The concept was simple: to design a more reliable MES which is safer, faster and easier to use. 

LSA are the MES Specialists. LSA pioneered direct liferaft access inclined slide based MES and to this day only manufacture MES and large capacity liferafts. Designing, manufacturing and installing high quality, safe & reliable MES is our core business and our exclusive area of expertise. 

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Other products

With over 25 years experience working with inflatable structures, LSA has been approached by organisations seeking unique solutions to unique problems. LSA welcomes such approaches and the opportunity to show it can offer much more than the world renowned MES and liferafts. 

Other products developed and manufactured by LSA include the Cormorant Lift Bag, an ordnance recovery unit originally designed for and in conjunction with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). RAN Ordnance Clearance Divers required a device which could be attached to a recoverable piece of ordnance on the sea bed and then be activated remotely. Remote acoustic activation ensured greater safety for the Naval Ordnance Clearance Divers in the process of attempting to clear live ordnance. 

The LSA Aviation Rescue Platform (ARP) was developed in partnership with Air Services Australia and is now in operations in many airports Australia wide and in New Zealand and Singapore. ARP20 has been specifically designed and developed, in full consultation with Australian Air Services Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) officers, as a first response device to support survivors out of the water, until full rescue resources arrive. Its primary use is for the initial recovery of persons by any rescue team whose area of operation includes sheltered coastal waters and adjacent areas.

Global service

Liferaft Systems Australia equipment is serviced annually by the global service network of LSA certified service representatives as part of its quality management system and commitment to safety. LSA currently has 33 approved service centres in 24 countries that are fully trained in the servicing of LSA equipment. This ensures that wherever a vessel is operating the ship owner or operator will have access to the necessary service support to maintain their investment in the LSA MES.

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Global Support